It’s here…. The tool to make car decal removal easy

So we have made the move online after having been in the decal and sticker business for over 25 years.

Now we are solely online and loving being able to help remove boat stickers anyway in the world.

To give you some context, our business was based in Sydney Australia, and successfully produced signs and vinyl lettering for over 20+ years. We had a good operation with 20 staff and 3 factories.

Times change and the business was sold (and still going strong with the new owners) and now for enjoyment we sell online, helping people removing car decals

To let you know more about our business, we soley focus on helping people remove car decals. We do this by supplying 2 products

Whizzy Wheel: the brand new product launched this year and receiving awesome feedback (see testimonials at the end of the page).

Now we don’t want to big note ourselves, though we love helping customers remove decals and get a lot of satisfaction from hearing from satisfied customers…. That’s part of the reason we offer a full money back guarantee – we have so much confidence in our products

So the Whizzy Wheel is made from a specifically designed soft rubber than can be used on Boats Cars, Windows, Trucks and Glass. The soft rubber means it can be used on painted surfaces without affecting the surface…. A great feature as we receive a lot of requests to remove decals and stickers

It simply attaches to standard drill, turn it on and in seconds you will start removing the decal and stickers from cars by moving it back and forth across the surface.

Most Whizzy Wheel customers need to remove large areas of decals from cars

“Your products only take a few minutes! Now I can change decals any time! ”
“Hi Peter
I just received your product, Wonder Blade, and I want to say THANK YOU ! I had asked so many people how to remove it and they all came down with one solution, hair dryer which will damage the car paint. But your products only take a few minutes! Now I can change decals any time and any style I want. Good luck at the business. I will definitely introduce your products around.”

Brian – California, USA


Miracle Blade – we recently brought out this product as needed a product that was suited to smaller areas of decal and sticker removal, where people did not have access to a drill

It’s a plastic razor blade, double edged and chemical resistant. It has an extra large handle to grip on and 4” (10cm) wide blade to tackle the hardest of jobs.

People who use the Miracle blade often use it to remove  car decals or don’t have access to a drill

We are really excited to be able sell our Whizzy Wheel and Miracle Blade worldwide, serving over 1,500 customers is 12+ countries

We are always here to help solve your questions on how to remove decal and stickers from boats so please feel free to email us at

So take the opportunity to remove those Decals and Stickers


Peter Nobbs

Chief “Decal Removal” Officer